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The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish Review

 Skin type:-Normal dry skin type to tan skin.

Smooth,glowing And moisturised skin is what a girl always want,so get your skin smooth and glow feel  with this body polish.Satsuma is a citrus fruit which is a great source of VITAMIN C.We all know how much Vitamin C is important for our skin.Vitamin C  limits the damage induced by ultraviolet (UV) light exposure,so it protects the skin to damage from sun rays.


Price:-I got it in offer for Rs 575/- (actual price Rs 675/-)

Product description:-

The body Shop Satsuma body polish comes in a transparent tube.

The tube has a flip open cap  which is not suitable to carry while travelling, also the tube is very heavy to take around with you.This citrusy treat is wonderful for your skin ,it gently exfoliates, moisturizes and clanses leaving your skin polished and smooth.You just have to take a drop or two in your loofah  and gently  rub all over your bodyyou don’t have to forcefully  rub your bodyrinse accordingly.IT has a very refreshing scent with fruity aroma, It freshens up the skin and leaves the skin soft ,clean and supple.Its not one of the cheapest on the market but definitely worth splashing out , great for sensitive skin.

My experience with the Body Shop Satsuma polish:-

I have always been in love with the products of the body shop, TBS Satsuma polish  is a recent favourite because it provides gentle exfoliation,full of minute seeds which do not cause any abrasion. It slough away dead skin cellsI have been using this product since three months .Once I open the cap, I can smell  Satsuma all over in my bathroom,it leathers up very wellI feel revitalised by the juicy fragrance  of the SatsumaIts vibrant orange color attracts me more.

After having shower I feel my skin so  smooth, moisturized that it is fine if I don’t apply moisturizing lotion.It hydrates the skin very wellTwice a week is enough for exfoliation.I had a very nice experience with this product and I always wanted to exfoliate my body with this polish.

I absolutely love this product of body shop.

Lets quickly sum up with pros and cons:-

PROS of the body shop satsuma polish:-

1. Smoothens and moisturizes skin J

2.   Citrusy fragrance,smells amazing.

3. Exfoliates  very well.

4.  Moisturises  skin.

5. Refreshing for whole day.

6. Very mild ,can be used everyday.

Cons of the body shop Satsuma polish:-

1. The scent does not lasts long.

2. Packaging (due to its consistency it may spill out )

3.  Fragrance become overpowering after a while

4.Difficulty to carry while travelling,tube is very heavy.

Would I repurchase TBS Satsuma body polish??

A big Yes,I will definitely  bring new one,once I end up with this

You can buy it from


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